Vienna Austria
18 – 22 May 2019

Dear friends!

I am very happy to welcome you to the first edition of “Classic on Danube” International Music Festival 2019, which is a continuation of “Austrian Piano Open” that took place last year in Vienna.

The 2019 edition of “Classic on Danube” International Music Festival will festure world-class musicians from all over the globe, who will inspire us with their immense talent, take us to a wonderful musical journey and share the exceptional moments of music altogether.

Within the framework of the festival, we are also integrating an international piano competition - an opportunity for talented and wonderful young pianists. In doing so, we are facilitating a meeting of minds, where true musicians, incredible new talent and a remarkable jury from all over the world will come together to experience a great week of excitement and innovation in Vienna - the capital of music at the heart of Europe.
The Austrian Capital - Vienna, with its rich background in culture and history, and its vibrant and magnetic atmosphere has continuously been an inspiring place for many musicians, artists and composers alike. I am sure that in our musical capital, you would also make your own history and have rich, unforgettable experiences enjoying every moment of it.  

My heartfelt thanks to our participants, our audience, friends, colleagues, supporters, and my sincere gratitude to the organizers for designing and implementing “Classic on Danube” International Music Festival 2019.

We welcome all of you to our beautiful city and wish you best of luck and a great time in Vienna at the “Classic on Danube” International Music Festival 2019.

Come to join us and celebrate the music together!

Nareh Arghamanyan
Artistic Director 

Dear friends!

We are proud to announce that “Classic on Danube” International Music Festival 2019 which the European Foundation for Support of Culture is organizing in the beautiful city of Vienna following the First Edition of “Austrian Piano Open”. Austria is one of the most important international music centres – home of famous musicians, artists, and composers.

This international festival will feature many well-known international musicians at very prestigious venues of the Austrian capital. Moreover, it will also comprise an international piano competition, providing an opportunity and a new effective platform for young pianists, not only to show their technique, skills and professionalism but also their personality and knowledge when interpreting the compositions which they will be performing.

  “Classic on Danube” International Music Festival 2019 makes part of the big series of 14 international piano competitions where 5 best participants of each competition will have a free participation in the Malta International Piano Competition 2021 in the framework of the “Malta International Music Festival”.

The mission of the European Foundation for Support of Culture through the presentation of this Festival is to re-discover, promote, support and document the great masters for keyboard while providing audiences with a unique musical experience; to build the audiences of the future to help ensure the very existence of classical music.

With so many artistic achievements to its credit, the European Foundation for Support of Culture looks forward towards the continued success of its classical music projects in the future.

I welcome you all to “Classic on Danube” International Music Festival 2019 and I wish everyone a very enjoyable time in Vienna! Good luck and success to all participants.

With best regards and respect,
Mr. Konstantin Ishkhanov,
President of European Foundation for Support of Culture.

Armenisch-Apostolische Kirchengemeinde,
Kolonitzgasse 11, 1030 Vienna