Vienna Austria
11-14 April 2023

Dear friends,

It gives me great pleasure to announce the third edition of the “Classic on Danube” International Piano Competition 2023, presented by CMDI Group, and scheduled to be held in the beautiful city of Vienna. Austria is one of the world’s most important international music centres, having been home to some of our most celebrated musicians, artists and composers throughout history, with Vienna of particular significance in this regard.   

This international piano competition will provide an effective platform for young pianists not only to show their technique, skills and professionalism, but also their personality and knowledge when interpreting the compositions they will be performing.

“Classic on Danube” 2023 also forms part of a series of fourteen international competitions, from which the top five selected participants of each will be invited to compete in the “Classic Piano” Dubai International Competition 2024.

A central aim of CMDI Group is to re-discover, promote, support and document the great masters of the past while providing audiences with a unique musical experience, as well endeavouring to build the audiences of the future to help ensure the very existence of classical music. This project is, as such, especially relevant to these ideals, as we prepare to explore the vast collection of keyboard music from across the centuries that has provided such ample inspiration to musicians for generations. 

With so many artistic achievements to its credit, both in the past and looking ahead, CMDI Group looks forward to the continued success of its classical music projects in the future and the further sharing and development of this cherished art form across the world. 

I welcome you all to the “Classic on Danube” International Piano Competition 2023, and I wish everyone a very enjoyable time in Vienna! Good luck and success to all participants.

With best regards and respect,
Mr. Konstantin Ishkhanov,
President of "Classic on Danube" International Piano Competition